Ahna Kick A Hole In The Sky

This release once falls into the catagory of "hard to pigeonhole". It brings the listener home to a very intimate mostly acoustic experience by remaining minimal in every aspect yet seasoned with a whole lot o' heart. 

Produced by Robin lee Berry and Patrick Niemisto, recorded at the Holy Wah Studio and Brewery in Maple City, "Ahna Kick A Hole In The Sky" melds the talents of many northern michigan musicians including Patrick Niemisto and John Kumjin (members of the New Third Coast), Glenn Wolff and Crispin Campbell (members of the Neptune Quartet) Norm Wheeler,Tom Bourcier, Tom Keen, Tom Fordyce and Paul Koss, Graham Fineout and most impressively features Robins' daughters, Anna Lee Berry and Ruby Williams.

Anna is the inspiration for the song "Ahna Kick A Hole In The Sky" and adds vocal responses to the reagee-like mantra that displays not only unanticipated studio savey but also brings a haunting multi-dimentional voice to the community of musicians featured on this tune.

Ruby Williams is the creator of the cover drawing and is also co-writer for the song "Bloom " where she and her sister, Anna, add backing vocals in their very first studio experience together.

This is a collection of 12 thought provoking ,life searching wanderings presented with the strength of Robins voice and her strong acoustic and electric guitar work. With added dimensions of acoustic bass from Glenn Wolff, sparkling guitar, bass and mandolin from Patrick Niemisto, the dynamic cello of Crispin Campbell on Only Man, tasteful flugel horn from Norm Wheeler on an original jazz tune "Spring Fever", this recording simply does not stand still. Four of the songs are live performances. "Spring Fever" was recorded in Petoskey at the Nurses Appreciation Night concert featuring Greg Brown in the spring of 2003 .

Also on this recording are covers from Neil Young (Old Man) and Van Morrison (Into the Mystic) and a debut of a song from Garnet Rogers (Soul Kiss). To complete the disc are two songs from Greg Brown, "Hey Baby Hey" (recorded by Robin for the Red House release "Going Driftless - an artists' tribute to Greg Brown" in which proceeds are continuously donated to the Breast Cancer Fund in California) and a bonus track duet, also from the concert in Petoskey, with Robin and Greg ( "Never So Far").

This may not be an album you can dance to but certainly crosses the borders back to the world of music from the heart.

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Robin's Discs
  • Ahna, Kick A Hole In The Sky

    Old Man (Neil Young),    Ahna Kick A Hole In The Sky (Robin Lee Berry),
    Into The Mystic (Van Morrison),    Serve (Robin Lee Berry),
    Only Man (Robin Lee Berry),     There Are Some Things (Robin lee Berry),
    Bloom (Ruby Williams & Robin Lee Berry),     Spring Fever (Robin Lee Berry),
    Soul Kiss (Garnet Rogers),     Coyote (Robin Lee Berry),
    Hey Baby Hey (Greg Brown),    Never So Far (Greg Brown)

  • A Man Like My Guitar

    Never Never Land,     Almost Like Being In Love,
    My One And Only Love,    A Man Like My Guitar,
    Something/Sometime,     It's A Sin To Tell A Lie,
    That'll Teach Me,     Haven't We Met,
    Scotch n' Soda,     You Took Advantage Of Me,
    The Lady's A Tramp,     My Romance,
    I Will,     Michelangelos' Blues,
    My Funny Valentine

  • Reap The Bounty

    Reap The Bounty,     Lullaby,
    Don't Do It,     Kindle Something,
    Comes From Deep Inside,    Brunettes Are On The Rise,
    No Big Deal,     Look In My Own Backyard,
    Man of Mine,     The Harvest Is In,
    Woody's Christmas Present,     Harry's Tune

  • Wait For The Rush

    Wait For The Rush,    Method Of Madness,
    Something/Sometime,     Spring Fever,
    Step For Love,    The Other Night,
    Unrequited Perhaps,     Smile Just A Little Bit

Also appearing on:

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    selection -
    "There Are Some Things" (included as MP3)

  • "Shine" / Northern Michigan Songwriters sampler Vol. 2
    selection -
    "Bloom" (included as MP3)

  • "Brite Lites, Big Insects" / Don Julin www.donjulin.com/ & Glenn Wolff  www.glennwolff.com
    guest appearance - "Corcovada"

  • "Loose Scraps" / Benny Bowmaster & Buddies
    Backup vocals

Red House Records Press Release / May 3, 2004

All proceeds go directly to Breast Cancer Research.

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